The Benefits Explained

Many league bowlers are confused about the benefits of our personal accident insurance so we thought we would take the time to explain why this is such a great benefit.

As a Tenpin Bowling Australia registered member you have Personal Accident insurance that covers you in the event that you are injured whilst participating or travelling to or from league, accredited tournaments and even practice - as long as you are bowling in a TBA registered centre.

Aren't I already covered by the public liability insurance of the bowling centre?

Many bowlers mistakenly believe that the bowling centre's public liability insurance policy provides sufficient coverage.  This may be true if a bowler injures themselves due to a fault of the bowling centre.

However, if you simply sustain an injury whilst you are bowling, public liability does not apply.  But as a registered member of TBA, you are covered if you injure yourself, regardless of the circumstances - yes even if the accident was your fault*! (excludes pre-existing conditions)

How About a Practical Example?

Here's an example of how the personal accident insurance would work if you had an accident like James!

James is a 25 year office worker who has injured his leg whilst competing in league.  He has been advised by his local doctor that he has to undertake physiotherapy treatment, as well as have some x-rays.  He is advised that he requires surgery.  James has a weekly earning of $1,000 net per week.  As a result of his injuries, he has 12 weeks off work.  He does not have any Private Health cover.

Paying the Claim

Medical Expenses
Government legislation does not allow General insurers to cover any costs subject to a Medicare rebate, so only NON-MEDICARE items are claimable (i.e. the 'Medicare gap' is not claimable).

Private practitioner visit

Covered by Medicare*


Covered by Medicare*


Covered by Medicare*


Covered by Medicare*

Public Hospital accommodation

Covered by Medicare*

Private Hospital accommodation

3 days @$500 = $ 1,500

9 Physiotherapy visits @ $50 per visit


Sub Total


85% of Non Medicare Medical Expenses


Less excess $20


Loss of Income 12 weeks @ $500 per week (less 7 day excess) $ 5,500

Total Claim Payment


*in most cases, Medicare does not cover 100% of the medical providers costs.  The difference is known as the 'Medicare Gap' and is not covered by the Tenpin Bowling Australia personal accident program due to government legislation.

The most common 'non-Medicare' expenses include

Private Hospital Bed & Theatre Fees

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