Sport Australia

Sport Australia proudly supports Tenpin Bowling Australia

Sport Australia is the principal sponsor and partner of Tenpin Bowling Australia.

Sport Australia provides Tenpin Bowling Australia with funding to ensure they have the capacity to create a sustainable sport through best practice governance and administration, intellectual property ownership, athlete management and support structures and general accountabilities.  Importantly, the winning partnership highlights the commitment to ensuring Australian athletes excel in the international sporting arena, and increasing Australiansí participation in Tenpin Bowling.

Importantly, Sport Australia is focused on promoting grassroots participation in sport throughout Australia and to continue a suite of successful national programs such as the Active After-school Communities program.  Increased community sport participation has a profound long term dividend, and remains a vital objective of Sport Australia notwithstanding the challenges in high performance sport.

Move It Aus

Right now, we need to start moving again as though our lives depend on it. Letís target at least 30 minutes of heart rate-raising physical activity a day.