Are you looking to register your school, and choose tenpin bowling for the Sporting Schools Program?

Please note that Tenpin Bowling Australia is the sole coaching provider for the sport and therefore all programs and bookings must be made through us.  Sporting Schools bookings are not to be made directly through a coach, bowling centre or other independent provider.

Step 1: Register your school – Sporting Schools Website
Step 2: Choose your sport – Tenpin Bowling
Step 3: Apply for funding – Sporting Schools
Step 4: Request and book a program that suits: Contact

Based on your school’s state and location, budget, limitations and preferences, a program outline and quotation will be provided.  A structure and cost will be determined at this time, prior to any confirmation or booking.

For more information, visit the Sporting Schools website:

Program Considerations for Schools

When designing a program, the following considerations need to be determined:

• Location: How close is the nearest registered tenpin bowling centre?  Travel distance may determine if your program will be in school, in centre, or a combination of both.

• Dates and Times: Which days/dates would you like the program to run, and at what time (during or after school)?  Do you have alternatives?

• Portable Lanes: If you are planning to have a program at your school (in school), are there portable lanes available in your area?  If so, they must be set up INDOORS, in a Gym or Hall (about ½ Basketball court size).  Outside is not an option, as it damages the equipment.  Lane hire charges may apply.

• Number of Students: The number of students determines how the program will run, how many sessions and coaches will be required.  Each session allows up to 30 students, and one coach, over one hour.

• Number of Sessions/Weeks: TBA provides a 4 week basic program, but the number of sessions/weeks can be modified to suit individual school needs.  Contact TBA to discuss your requirements.

• Length of Sessions: Sessions can be made to run in conjunction with your school timetable.  Generally one hour long, they can be shortened to suit (40 – 60 mins).

• Coaches/Program Delivery: We will usually provide a qualified coach to deliver your Sporting Schools Program.  When a coach is not available, teachers are able to undergo basic training, and deliver programs in their own school. Lesson Plans and support material are provided to assist delivery.

• Lineage/Games: When in a centre, games are charged per person, per game. Usually one game is played per hour/session.  Each centre in Australia can charge different rates, so a price will only be provided in the official quotation.

• Transport: When travelling to and from a centre, it is the School’s responsibility to arrange transport (bus).  It is expected that at least one session will take place in a bowling centre.

• Once a preferred program outline has been agreed on, an official quotation will be provided to your school outlining all details including dates and cost.  If accepted, it will then be confirmed in writing and officially booked.


Need More Information?

For more information or to book a program, please contact  the National Junior Participation Coordinator:  

Mike Griffith
0405 905 300