Are you a TBA Registered Centre, wanting to become involved in Sporting Schools?

Sporting Schools is a national initiative, run by the Australian Sports Commission, which aims to help children develop a lifelong interest in sport.  Every term throughout the year, the ASC provides substantial funding to schools to connect with selected approved sporting programs such as tenpin bowling.  When funding is approved and received by the school, they then select one, or more sporting programs to engage with.

In the past, with programs such as Active After Schools, schools contacted and dealt directly with centres, State Associations or coaches to coordinate their program.  Bookings and pricing structures were determined by the centre based merely on the cost of games.  This is no longer the case under the new Sporting Schools guidelines.

Tenpin Bowling Australia is the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) and as such we are registered as the sole body to coordinate and manage all Sporting Schools matters.

Schools apply to the ASC for funding.  Once approved the school must select one or more of the approved sports through the Sporting Schools website.  The ASC or school then notifies TBA that they are requesting a tenpin bowling program.

If a school contacts a Centre or State Association directly, they should be directed to TBA who will make contact.

TBA will then give a price to the school, which covers lineage, coach delivery cost (coach payment) and other national costs or fees of the program.  If the school agrees, they will then be invoiced by TBA for this full amount.

TBA will coordinate with centres and accredited coaches for required services.  Lineage will be agreed between TBA and the centre.  Centres should invoice TBA for games.  Coaches will be paid by TBA at an agreed hourly rate.  Centres do not directly bill schools or pay coaches.  All pricing, invoicing and payments will be done through TBA if a program is approved.

Portable lanes may be used by most schools for several weeks in school to reduce overall costs.  This is part of the program.  However TBA encourages all schools to conduct at least one session; usually the final one, in centre so that children have the opportunity to experience the sport.

According to ASC Guidelines for funding, each sport should handle their own bookings centrally through their NSO (Tenpin Bowling Australia).  We then ensure that the program is run at a registered centre, using accredited coaches or deliverers who are insured, presenting a consistent quality program for the sport across Australia.  This helps to ensure all procedures are followed correctly, and participation data is collected accurately.  Feedback and evaluation forms are then requested from the school by the NSO to ensure a quality service is delivered and to identify improvement opportunities.

The Sporting Schools Program requires coaches to deliver the program in your area.

These can be local coaches, or centre staff.  The minimum requirement is that the coach is Level 1 (USBC) trained and currently registered, with a Working with Children Check and ASC Community Coaching Principles Certificate.  Training is easy to complete, taking about 3 hours online for the Level 1 component.

Coaches are paid to deliver the program.  The rate depends on the experience level of the coach (Level 1, Bronze, and Silver).  If trained Centre Staff are used to run the program, coach payment can be made to the centre.

The program is designed to be run over 4 weeks (base).

• Each base program will consist of a maximum of 30 children, one hour a week over 4 weeks.

• Sessions may be during school hours or after school.

• Where possible, portable lanes will be used to run “In School” for up to 3 weeks, followed by at least one week in centre.  Some centres have access to portable lanes.  Coaches (and trained teachers) run in school sessions.  

• If portable lanes are not available, or if the centre is in walking distance to the school, more and even all weeks of the program can be run in centre.  This is negotiable.

• Depending on the number of students, transport costs and lineage, more or less weeks /sessions may be requested.  TBA will endeavour to work within the budget that a school has received.

We ask all centres to consider being involved in the Sporting Schools Program.  We need your help to encourage your local schools to select tenpin bowling.  Ensuring you have access to our database of registered coaches or staff in the absence of trained teachers at your centre to deliver the program and provide an appropriate game rate for Sporting Schools when they visit your centre is the first step in encouraging new children to be a part of our sport.

What Centres Need To Do

Reach out to Primary Schools in your area (Local Network).

• Contact schools, and ask them "Are you aware of Sporting Schools?"  Direct them to the Sporting Schools website for information.

• If they know of the program, ask if they have registered, or applied for a grant?

• Finally enquire if the school is interested in including tenpin bowling as one of its selected sports.  Direct schools to contact TBA for more details.

Information Flyers are available to hand out to schools, outlining the program.

For more information, please check out the above links, or contact the National Sporting Schools Coordinator, Mike Griffith: mike.griffith@tenpin.org.au