Program Costs

Are you interested in booking a program?

Costs to consider are as follows:

Coaching / Delivery: $60 + GST per session/hour/30 children max.  Number of sessions and weeks determine total cost.
Travel costs (Coach): only applies if a coach has to travel a significant distance to attend the school.   
Lineage (Games): Prices charged for games in a bowling centre varies from centre to centre.  Price is per game, per person, per week.
Portable Lane Hire: some states may charge a fee for hiring portable lanes weekly.
Administration Fee: NSO fee for programs.  One fee per program.
Transport: to and from bowling centre (bus).  Organised by the school.

After contacting TBA, an official quotation will be provided to your school, with all program details, dates and costs outlined prior to booking. If accepted, the program is confirmed and booked.

No payment should be made by the school directly to coaches or centres.  After commencement of the program, your school will be invoiced the full amount as quoted by TBA.

TBA will pay coaches and centres as required.

For more information, please click on the above links, or contact the National Sporting Schools Coordinator, Mike Griffith: