Oil Patterns

The Tenpin Bowling Australia Technical committee is pleased to announce the approval of the following patterns for these events in 2015.

Open & Women Events
Joondalup Cup Oil Pattern
Fishing World Ladies Classic - WTBA Athens 40-12
Kegel QLD Open WTBA Tokyo 43-12
Australian Open QAMF World Cup (includes VIC150)
Schweppes Melbourne Cup - WTBA Los Angeles 36-12
Queensland Ladies Classic - Oil Pattern
AMF Masters - Oil Pattern
NSW Open - Oil Pattern
TBA National Masters - Oil Pattern
SA Cup - Oil Pattern

Youth Events
Werribee Youth Cup - WTBA Atlanta 38-12
Sydney Youth Cup - Oil Pattern

Geelong Youth Cup - Oil Pattern
SA Youth Masters - Oil Pattern
Central Coast Youth Junior Cup - Oil Pattern
Sharp Plywood Champion of Champions - Oil Pattern

For more information on any of the patterns listed above, please follow this link to the World Tenpin Bowling Association website.

Please contact the  Head of the Technical Advisory Committee glenn.rowland@tenpin.org.au if you require any additional information.