Oil Patterns

The Tenpin Bowling Australia Technical committee is pleased to announce the approval of the following patterns for these events in 2017

Open & Women Events
Fishing World Ladies Classic - Oil Pattern
Kegel Qld Open - Oil Pattern
Australian Open & Vic 150 - Oil Pattern
Schweppes Melbourne Tenpin Cup - Oil Pattern
SA Cup - Oil Pattern
Queensland Ladies Classic - Oil Pattern
Interbowl Ladies Triple Crown - Oil Pattern
Gold Coast Cup - Oil Pattern
NSW Open - Oil Pattern
TBA Australian Masters

Youth Events

TBA National Youth Cup - Oil Patterns
Werribee Youth Cup - Oil Pattern
Sydney Youth Cup - Oil Pattern
Tenpin SA Youth Masters - Oil Pattern
Sharp Plywood Champion of Champions

Junior Events
SA Junior Cup - Oil Pattern

Senior Events
Seniors Australian Open - Oil Pattern

Please contact the Head of the Technical Advisory Committee glenn.rowland@tenpin.org.au if you require any additional information.