The awards program is included in the cost of your Tenpin Bowling Australia Sports Registration.

High Games and High Series Plaques

The Tenpin Bowling Australia National Office administers the high game and high series award plaques.

Awards must be applied for by either your league secretary or a representative from your local centre, with the correct pin & ball inspection form and game score sheet.

If you have any questions regarding applying for Tenpin Bowling Australia administered Awards, please contact our National Office on (07) 3262 4455 or

Whilst all care is taken to ensure the engraving, Tenpin Bowling Australia takes no responsibility for incorrectly spelt names or other incorrect details engraved on your chosen item.

TBA awards are not available for any scores bowled in “phantom type” leagues or pre-bowled or postponed matches.

Order Forms

Please click on the link below to access the appropriate order forms for high game or series.  Award recipients are required to be a TBA registered player in a TBA registered centre.

Award Plaques & Jewellery - Order Form

Initiates file download300 Game Application Form - first ever
Initiates file downloadSecond and subsequent 300 Game - application form
First ever - Initiates file download600 2 Game Series Pin & Ball Inspection form
First ever - Initiates file download800 3 Game Series Pin & Ball Inspection form
First ever - Initiates file download900 3 Game Series Pin & Ball Inspection Form 

Initiates file downloadBar Awards - UTBA
Individual Application for Bar Awards (UTBA)                                             
League Champion Chevron (UTBA)

Additional Awards and Jewellery are available for purchase, including plaques for a 299 or 298 game, and a 700 Series! Initiates file downloadOrder Form

In 2015 Tenpin Bowling Australia, partnered with Simpler Technology, to launch a new automated awards system which will allow league bowlers to claim awards with a simple click of a button.

Automated Awards

If you bowl league in a centre using LDE, our software automatically calculates when you have won an award.  If we have your email address on file you will receive an email (usually within 24 hours) congratulating you on your achievement and you will be given the option to order your award which will then be sent to your centre.

Check if your Centre is using LDE here.

We Need Your Email Address!
In order to be notified of your achievement, we must have your email address.  To update your details simply log into your account at  If you haven’t logged on before and don’t know your TBA number, simply use our lookup function here to get started.
If you have any difficulties feel free to email

Manually Administered League Awards

UTBA has operated a highly successful awards program for its Melbourne members for many years and TBA are pleased to be able to work in partnership with UTBA to extend this program to all members nationally.

When a bowler successfully applies for their first award, they will receive a Header Badge (only supplied once to each bowler) along with the award bar.

Starting at 50 for juniors and 125 for adults along with series achievements ensures that no matter what your average we want to recognise your success!  And the best part about these awards is that you can apply for them each year - so why not aim high and collect as many of the pins as possible and aim for the full set? *terms and conditions apply

If you have any questions regarding the awards administered by UTBA, please contact UTBA on (03) 9532 2219 or email

Replacement award bars are available for $1.00 each. Extra and replacement header bars are available for $3.00 each.
A maximum of one award per week per bowler can be applied for in each of the game, series or special award category. (e.g a bowler has games of 290, 215 and 195 for a total of 700. The bowler could apply for a 275 pin and a 700 series only. They could not apply for a 250, 225 or 200 pin award in the same application.)
Yearly awards are calculated as per the calendar year.
Applications for "Plaque Awards" must also be accompanied by the TBA verification sheet and score sheet printout.

UTBA Awards Page

What Awards Can Be Claimed?

Award recipients are required to be a TBA registered player in a TBA registered centre.  Below is a list of the Bar Awards that are available -

50 Game*
75 Game*
100 Game*
125 Game
150 Game
175 Game
200 Game
225 Game
250 Game
275 Game

All Spare Game
Dutch 200

7-10 Split (converted)
4-6-7-10 Split (converted)

500 Series
550 Series
600 Series
650 Series
700 Series
750 Series

50 Over Average
75 Over Average
100 Over Average

(*available to juniors & disability bowlers only)


Commemorative Jewellery

Gold or Silver 300 Game Pendants Available
Bowl that elusive perfect game, then it's decisions, decisions!  We now have available for purchase Gold or Silver 300 Game pendants, along with the ever popular watch or ring.

300 Game Commemorative Watches

All 300 game Rings, watches and pendants are engraved with your name, the date of achievement and where the 300 game was bowled.  Your name will also be included in the Recognised High Games section of the TBA website.


Back Orders

Tenpin Bowling Australia is happy for you to commemorate your achievement again with one of the new designs, provided that we have already recognized your 300 game. 

These exciting redesigned perfect game awards are sure to be popular, but please bear in mind turn-around times of around two months for delivery.  Sound like a great idea for a Christmas present?  If so send your order before the end of September for December delivery.

League Champion Chevrons

This popular chevron is available for the first placed league champion team or individual, provided all members of the league are TBA members in the current year.

The League must be conducted in a TBA registered centre and all members of the league must be members of TBA in the current year.

To order League Champion Chevrons, contact the UTBA office on (03) 9532 2219 or email

Download an Order Form.