Registration Benefits

As the National Sporting Organisation, Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd has a pivotal role in the management and development of the sport across the country.  For tenpin bowling to continue to be a recognised sport in this country, membership is vital - to maintain, operate and grow an effective National Sporting Organisation. 

Your sports registration ensures we can continue to develop and grow the sport nationally and provide pathways for bowlers at all levels to compete and enjoy the benefits of participation.

Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd is continually striving to deliver improved levels of performance and provide members with valuable membership benefits.

What Is Tenpin Bowling Australia Responsible For?

1. TBA is the national sporting organisation and is the only body of the sport recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.

2. TBA is responsible for the development and enforcement of the rules of the sport as governed by the World Tenpin Bowling Association.

3. TBA is responsible to ensure the ongoing development and accreditation of coaching programs.

4. TBA ensures bowling centres conform with the technical requirements of the sport as governed by the World Tenpin Bowling Association.

5. TBA conducts national championships that cater for bowlers of all abilities for juniors, youth, adult, senior and bowlers with a disability.

6. TBA is responsible for the selection of national teams to represent Australia at both World Championship and other international events.

7. TBA partners with proprietors, sponsors and the media to promote the sport wherever possible.