National Rankings


To create a fair national rankings program involving Australia's major tournaments and elite players for seniors, adult, youth and junior bowlers in both male and female divisions.

Ranked Event Calendar

2019 Ranked Event Calendar, entry form and oil patterns here

How To Apply

Bowlers wishing to be Ranked must be current Silver registered Members.  Rankings points will only be recorded for bowlers competing in a Ranked event if they have registered for Rankings and were current financial Silver registered members before bowling their first ball in that Ranked event

Bowlers not currently registered for rankings are still required to register for inclusion in the Rankings System.

Registration is required once only, not each year. Rankings Application Form

National Elite Ranking System Details

For more detailed information regarding the national ranking program, please refer to the TBA National Elite Ranking System Document

In Summary

The National Elite Ranking System provides some objective measures to bowlers, administrators, sponsors, funding agencies and the media as to our athletes performances in Australia's major tournaments.

Current Points

Bowlers wishing to be ranked in 2019 must be both current Silver members and must be registered for rankings before bowling their first ball in that Ranked event.

Grand Senior

Any queries relating to rankings should be directed via email to Tenpin Bowling Australia at Opens window for sending