Constitution and By-Laws

The Tenpin Bowling Australia Constitution defines the rules by which the organisation operates and defines the objects of the company. 

Any changes to the Constitution must be approved by a majority vote of the members.  Each State and Territory is required to nominate one voting delegate per annum who then has the entitlement to vote on behalf of the state regarding any changes to the Constitution.  

The by-laws are more concerned with the internal management of the organisation, and can be altered by the directors of the company should they see fit.

The objects of the Company are as follows:

  • to foster and promote the sport of bowling; 
  • to discourage and prevent practices or activities likely to be detrimental to bowling or to the interests of bowlers;
  • to sponsor, encourage and assist in the formation of bowling associations, leagues, centres and other bowling organisations;
  • to disseminate information to bowlers, associations, leagues, centres and other bowling organisations;
  • to publicise bowling;
  • to establish and maintain uniformity and high standards of bowling;
  • to represent bowlers and their interests in dealings with governments, public and authorities and other sporting associations and in the community generally;
  • to sponsor, promote and conduct bowling tournaments, contests, matches and exhibitions both within and outside Australia.

    Constitution Document

    By-Laws Document