Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited Insurance Program

The National Insurance Program includes the following insurance options, which have been exclusively designed to provide protection for members at all levels:

Public Liability
Professional Indemnity
Personal Accident.

The information enclosed in our site is only a summary of the cover provided.  The policies with full conditions are available by contacting Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited.

Summary of Cover (please contact the TBA office for more information)

How to Make a Claim?

If you are a member of Tenpin Bowling Australia and you have suffered an injury whilst participating in an official Tenpin Bowling Australia activity (including training, games or other accredited activities), a Personal Accident Claim Form will need to be completed and submitted as soon as possible. 

Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd
PO Box 244
Albion Qld 4010

Medicare Gap

There is a Government Legislation which prevents general insurers from covering Medicare related costs, including the Medicare Gap, so only NON-MEDICARE items are claimable.

In most cases, Medicare does not cover 100% of the medical providers costs.  Due to this government legislation, the difference - known as the 'Medicare Gap' - is not covered by the Tenpin Bowling Australia personal accident program.

Who is Covered?

This program covers TBA affiliated State/Territory and Local Associations, including all registered members that participate in activities in a registered centre, accredited lane inspectors, officials, coaches, committee members, employees of the insured including apprentices, voluntary workers and work experience students. 

Coverage applies whilst members are involved in activities that take place in a Tenpin Bowling Australia registered centre.  These activities include all official events, playing, training, official social events and fundraising activities and travel to and from these activities in Australia.

Holt Challenge Inc and Australian Tenpin Bowling Seniors Organisation are covered for Public Liability only - however all bowlers participating in events organised by these entities are covered for Personal Accident insurance providing the event takes place in a TBA registered centre.

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