Member Protection Policy

Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited (TBA) is committed to providing an environment that is safe for children, free from harassment, discrimination and abuse for everyone, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values. 

We believe that anyone who works for or represents TBA and everyone with whom we deal, has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.  Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited will not tolerate harassment in our organisation. We will take all complaints of harassment seriously, and will ensure they are dealt with promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. Disciplinary action will be taken against a person who is found to breach this policy.

TBA is committed to upholding its code of conduct that forms the basis of appropriate and ethical conduct which everyone must abide by.  The TBA Board of Directors and I as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are committed to ensuring that everyone associated with the organisation complies with the policy.

Member Protection Policy document