Facts & Figures of Tenpin Bowling

Bowling in Australia

Australian tenpin bowling began at the Washington Bowling Saloon in Ballarat, Victoria, in 1885, the records in Sydney's Mitchell Library show.

There are currently 141 registered tenpin bowling centres in Australia.

Modern Day Bowling Balls

The first rubber bowling ball was produced in 1905, and was an immediate success.  Before this development, balls had been made of Lignum vitae, a hard wood.  Nine years later, in 1914, Brunswick Corporationís rubber mineralite bowling ball was introduced.

The 1970s brought polyester bowling balls, and in the 1980s, urethane balls made an appearance. Todayís bowling balls have a coverstock (the ballís outer layer) made of resin.

Lane Dimensions

Bowling is a sport that uses the imperial system of measurement. Therefore when we talk bowling, measurements use feet and inches, pounds and ounces.

Lane Dimensions
The length of a regulation lane is 60 feet from the foul line to the centre of the headpin. The width must be between 41 and 42 inches.

Lane Surface
The surface must be free of all continuous grooves. For a lane to be pass the strict tolerances it must be perfectly flat both side to side and front to back with a maximum tolerance of just 40/1000th inch allowed! 

Lane Approach
The approach where the bowler delivers the ball must be not less than 15 feet in length.

The Pin Deck
Ever wondered why those sleepers are so hard to convert?  That's because each pin is 12 inches from its neighbour in any direction (as measured from the centre of each pin).

Fun Facts on Bowling

Who says tenpin bowling is not a great exercise? 
Studies show that bowling 3 games is equivalent to walking one mile or 1.6kms.  Bowling exercises practically all of your muscles, whilst consuming 5.45 calories per minute!  What's more tenpin bowling is a sun-safe sport which can be played any day or night and all year round regardless of weather conditions!

Bowling the Global Sport
More than 200 million people enjoy bowling, in 115 countries spanning 6 continents, making bowling one of the largest participation sports in the world.

Size Matters! 
Bowling balls must be non-metallic and weigh no more than 16lb and no less than 6lb.

Which is more? 
The height of a bowling pin or the circumference of a bowling pin?
They are the same!  A Bowling Pin is 15 inches tall and 15 inches at the widest part of the pin!