How to Join a League

The Sport for a Lifetime

There are tenpin bowling leagues to suit all ages, all abilities and every lifestyle.  Every week, thousands of people with a range of abilities compete in teams and in organised sporting competitions.

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At most centres, you can choose leagues for children, teens, adults, seniors and also for people with a disability.  Leagues can also range in size from single players, doubles format, triples, four and five person teams.

And if you need a few tips and pointers to get you started, most centres have coaches available to help get you on the lanes bowling!

League bowling takes place on most days and nights, so that you can find a day and time that suits your personal schedule.  Teams compete for trophies or prizes* and celebrate at the end of season with awards parties.  You can usually join one of the existing leagues, or get a group of family and friends together and form your own. 
If you want to improve your bowling, play in friendly competition, have fun and make lots of friends, then tenpin bowling is the sport for you!

*varies from centre to centre so please check with your local centre

Facts to Know Before Joining a League

Do you lead a busy life?
The length and schedules of leagues vary.  Find the one that fits your schedule.

Did you know an average adult bowler burns 240 calories per hour and uses 134 muscles during the basic four-step approach?

In most leagues you pay weekly.  Your fee includes: lane rental, prize fund and often contributes to an end of season get together.

It's best to visit the pro shop and get your own equipment, but you can use a house bowling ball and rental shoes.  Ask the coach or staff at your local centre if you need help selecting equipment.

What to Consider when Joining a League

What day of the week do you want to bowl?

How many people do you want on your team?

Do you put together a team or join an existing one?

How many weeks would you like to bowl in a league?