Language of the Lanes

Some Bowling Terms Explained

When all 10 pins are knocked down with one ball.  You get 10 pins plus the total pins scored from your next 2 deliveries.
All 10 pins are knocked down with 2 consecutive balls.  You get 10 pins plus the total pins scored on the next ball you deliver.

A game consists of 10 frames per person.
A frame consists of up to two deliveries.  If you bowl a strike there is only one delivery per frame.  However if you leave pins remaining after the first ball, a frame consists of two deliveries.  However the 10th frame consists of up to 3 deliveries if you should either bowl a strike on your first delivery or make a spare.
Foul Line
This is the black line at the start of the lane.  It separates the approach (where the bowler physically delivers the ball) from the lane where the balls travels on its way to the pin deck.  
You will receive a foul (and no score for that delivery) if you step over the foul line in league or tournament play.  Not only that, it is extremely dangerous to cross the foul line and step onto the lane which is slippery. 

A Double
Occurs when 2 strikes in a row are bowled.

A Turkey
Occurs when 3 strikes in a row are bowled.
This is the section either side of the lane where the ball ends up should it come off the lane.  No pinfall is obtained if the ball goes into the gutter.