Australian Junior Championship

Victoria's Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park will be the host venue for the 2019 Australian Junior Championship, to be held from Wednesday 17th April to Saturday 27th April.

Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park
25 Fletcher Road
Chirnside Park, Victoria

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TBA Tournament Accreditation number - A19/0004

Junior Championship Results Page

Bumper Challenge Results 17/04/2019

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How to submit an online entry into the 2019 Australian Junior Championship

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Note that TBA Member Numbers are required for the online entry process.

Step 3: To search for a TBA member number please utilise the search box located on the top right hand corner of

Step 4: Under the search box (Entering Online section) Click on the 'Australian Junior Championships 2019' orange button located in the top right corner.  The entry organiser must log-in using their email/member number and password. The organiser must log-in using their email/member number and password. If you cannot log-in, watch this TBA video if you are still having issues contact the National Office 07 32624455

Step 5: Click on ‘Register Bowler’ and complete your bowler registration details.

Step 6:  Once all bowlers are registered (all details provided and names located on the left hand side), click the 'Create Entry' button to complete entries with your registered bowlers.

Step 7: Each entry completed/saved will appear on the right hand side of the screen under 'Entries'.  Keep creating entries until you have no more to make.

Step 8: Once you are happy with the entries on the right hand side, click 'Submit Entries'. This will notify TBA of your entries. Please note, leave the entries on the right hand side until you have confirmation from the Tournament Secretary. Please do not remove entries from this list after submitting to the secretary without confirmation from the office.

Step 9: Within 1-3 business days, TBA will send a spreadsheet detailing the entries you have processed to clarify if all information is correct.

Step 10: Send payment to TBA office.  Once the payment has been received, your entry will be processed and sent to the Tournament Secretary for confirmation. Payment information form

Step 11: Once processed a confirmation of squads will be emailed from the Tournament Secretary.  Please allow 3 - 5 days after processing.

The entry form has a 'member look-up function'. By typing in a member number, information we have on file will be automatically loaded into the form. Only information we don't have one file will be required e.g email/phone number.Bank details must still be typed in for each bowler. No bank details = No Prizemoney.Due to TBA member Privacy, only members name will appear on the form. DOB, contact number etc that we have on file will be displayed as 'not required'. Access to view or update members information in our database is inaccessible to the public.

Hundreds of teenage and junior bowlers from every State and Territory in Australia compete in tenpin bowling’s annual Junior National Championship - a two-week bowling extravaganza that happens in April!

The first Junior Championship was held at St Leonards in Sydney NSW back in 1971.  The first President's Junior Interstate Shield was at Cross Road Bowl in Adelaide, South Australia in 1974.

Not quite the next Jason Belmonte?

That's okay because Tenpin Bowling Australia’s Junior National Championship is for all abilities with each section graded. 

You can compete in singles, doubles and teams events.  There are lots of other fun events to compete in along the way depending on your average, including the popular Royal Rumble and Bumper Challenge.

Adding to the excitement and hectic schedule of pin-flying action of several individual and team events, there is the prestigious TBA Junior Masters, as well as the TBA Classic Cup and the TBA Restricted Cup.  A colourful highlight of the Championship is the President’s Junior Interstate Shield, a hotly-contested team event.

Are you new to our Junior Nationals and need some information, please download our Junior Nationals survival guide for first time bowlers and their parents/guardians here

The Junior Nationals is also the catalyst for coaching seminars, sport science forums etc. for parents, guardians and junior bowlers.  An important part of TBA’s role as the national governing body for the sport is its responsibility for the development and education of young athletes.  TBA works closely with, and is strongly supported by the Australian Sports Commission in every aspect of its role to regulate, develop and promote the sport of tenpin bowling in Australia.

2018 Australian Junior Championship Results here

President's Junior Interstate Shield Results







2018 President's Shield Winners, Victoria