For Bowlers With a Disability

Information for Bowlers With a Disability

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA), is committed to creating environments and opportunities for all community members to participate in and enjoy the sport of Tenpin Bowling.  Regardless of your ability and experience, if you choose to bowl for fun or health, if you dream of becoming a world champion or if you choose to participate in non-bowling roles like coaching and volunteering, tenpin bowling provides many opportunities.

In this section of the website, you will find information on how TBA and registered bowling centres work to include people with disabilities.  

For more information on inclusive tenpin bowling, please contact the National Office via email

How Do We Include People with a Disability?

Tenpin Bowling Australia works closely with local centres and state associations to provide welcoming and inclusive environments in all registered bowling centres.

Your local bowling centre runs programs where you can learn to bowl, with experienced coaches, participate in leagues with bowlers of all abilities. By nature, the sport is easily adaptable. This is can be done by using adapted equipment including gutter rails, balls with handles, ramps and rails for the blind and vision impaired participants.

Tenpin Bowling Australia has an easily to follow participation pathway that provides opportunities for new bowlers and bowlers who have the ability to represent their State and Australia at National and International events.

Download the How Does Tenpin Bowling Australia Include People with a Disability Brochure here

Inclusion Tips for Parents & Carers

As a parent or carer of a person with a disability, you are able to support the continued development of an inclusive bowling culture. A lot of work is being done to ensure that opportunities exist for people with a disability to participate in all aspects, at all levels of the sport. Whether your child is bowling for fun or for health, to be part of a community or to make friends, tenpin bowling provides opportunities for all to participate.

Inclusion Tips for Parents & Carers


Inclusion Tips & Information for Bowlers

All bowlers have the right to be welcomed and feel included in all aspects of society. Sport is a social connector where all community members attend for a variety of reasons including social interactions, a sense of belonging, fun and also for competition. As a member of Tenpin Bowling, you can support the inclusion of everyone into your centre or league. The community expects you to act in a manner that is fair and un-discriminatory—the same way you expect to be treated.

Inclusion Tips Information for Bowlers

Inclusion Tips for Adaption & Modifying

The effective teaching of skills and techniques are equally important for bowlers with a disability. People with a disability do not generally need to be treated differently to anyone else who participates in bowling. As a coach, leader or teacher you are in a great position to ensure that you take an inclusive approach. To do this you can use the TREE principle. The TREE principle can be used as a guide to modifying your activities and sessions so that you can be inclusive of not only people with a disability but people of all abilities.

Inclusion Tips Adaption & Modifying